Published On: Fri, Jun 24th, 2016

Precarious situation at Isla refinery

oil refineryWILLEMSTAD – The situation in Venezuela is precarious and in certain ways this also has an impact for Curaçao, especially the oil refinery. The situation with the oil supply to be refined here in Curaçao is delicate. There are certain adjustments being done in Venezuela, but, according to the Isla Director Luis Rivas, the situation is no collapsing, at least not yet.

There were information from Venezuela that there are intentions to decrease or even stop the oil supply to the refinery in Curaçao. Rivas recognized that the situation in Venezuela is precarious. He indicated that certain adjustments are being made in the production pattern. Due to the situation in Venezuela and also other factors like the oil price fluctuation, it is not possible to supply the market with light and medium oil. The consequence is that the production is much lower these days.

According to Rivas, PDVSA, under no circumstance, will allow itself to stop the supply to the markets, since it is the largest oil producer in the world. But in Venezuela there is the situation with various cat crackers that are out of service for revision or for technical problems. While the company is working on the recomposition of its capacity to convert heavy crude to light and medium derivatives, clients will see the situation normalize.

Again, Rivas stressed, the situation is precarious, but it’s not collapsing.

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