Published On: Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Precautionary measures taken due to unattended suitcase

AirportWILLEMSTAD - Wednesday late afternoon at around 05:30PM, the Airport Police, the FOL  and the Curaçao Police Force took precautionary measures at the Departures area of Curaçao International Airport, when investigating an abandoned suitcase. The terminal and the ramp were evacuated and access towards the airport was limited. At about 07:45PM the explosive specialists of the Police Force declared the area safe again.

Initially, when the suitcase was detected, the airport police attempted to find the owner of the suitcase. When the owner couldn’t be found in the Departures and surroundings, the security procedure for the safety of passengers and airport users was initiated. The Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority was also present to follow the course of the process.

The Airport Police in collaboration with FOL did the preliminary investigation of the suitcase with a ‘sniffer’. The moment certain notable substances were detected, reinforcement of the explosive specialists of the Curaçao Police Force was requested. All airport users that were working or using the Departures area, the operational area and the ramp were evacuated and guided towards the evacuation meeting point. An international flight that arrived waited on the taxi way until the area was declared safe. Other flights that were pending departure prepared for take-off immediately, and guided by the tower continued towards their destination. The exit road towards the airport was closed off for traffic.

After the Police Force declared the suitcase and the area as safe, normal operations were resumed in the Check-In Hall and Departures area. It turned out to be an empty suitcase most probably left behind by travellers.

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