Published On: Wed, Oct 25th, 2017

Press statement: Search at ENNIA

ENNIA Curacao-DWILLEMSTAD - In the context of the Saffier investigation, the Judge for Criminal Cases has commissioned a search at the company ENNIA Caribe Holding. This search took place yesterday October 24th. The management of ENNIA has given all its cooperation and will continue to do so. This is a case against a former client of ENNIA who is suspected of being in a criminal activity. It should be stressed that neither ENNIA nor any of its employees are part of this case. During the investigation, ENNIA will abstain from any public statement related to this case.

(Saffier is the investigation against the President of the Central Bank Emsley Tromp started in 2016 following persistent media reports about potential financial malpractice committed by the suspect. This investigation has included a number of searches, including at the Central Bank and in the house of the suspect. Witnesses have also been heard. Several documents have been obtained from abroad. Of course, the suspect himself has been interrogated.)

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