Published On: Thu, Mar 17th, 2016

Problems with electricity production and distribution continues

WILLEMSTAD – The utility company Aqualectra informs that the works at its diesel plant on the refinery property and the gas turbine at Mundu Nobo has not been finalized yet. This brings with it that the planned capacity for today had to be adapted.

Concretely this means that if there is no sudden change in the dispatch capacity, between 2pm and 5 pm, Aqualectra will apply the load shedding system (switch on and off). This schedule indicates the neighborhoods and the hour when this will be applied if during these hours the demand is higher than the power capacity.

According to the schedule each area will have a power outage for the duration of maximum two hours.

Additionaly Aqualectra informs that the load shedding schedule will continue until there is enough capacity to cover the demands during the hours that the local demand is higher.

Aqualectra also informs that its technicians are doing their utmost to minimize the possible interruptions and laments the situation that has occured in these last days. The company also apologizes for all the inconveniences that this situation may cause.

Aqualectra indicates in their press release that they will continue to do their utmost to guarantee an affordable production and distribution of energy.

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