Published On: Sun, Oct 7th, 2012

Proxy susceptible to fraud

WILLEMSTAD – For 30 years now it is not possible to stand proxy during the elections in Curacao and former Netherlands Antilles, according to Lizanne Dindia, vice-president and spokesman for the Supreme Electoral Council. The proxy was abolished in the national ordinance because these were bought by political parties to influence the result of the elections. It is even so that the Netherlands is also considering abolishing this practice.

In the Netherlands there was a research during last elections and it seems that 10% of the votes were proxies. There, someone can have two proxies and thus can vote three times. It also seems that those standing in proxy vote according to their choice and not according to the person who was suppose to vote.

The proxy system will certainly not come back in the legislations. "It is possible to be a guide during voting. This can only be done with blind persons and those with physical limitation who cannot use their hands and fingers.

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