Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

Public Prosecution suspects President Central Bank of fraud

Central BankWILLEMSTAD – Justice and Police conducted extensive searches at a residential address Emsley Tromp and an office address of Gregory Elias in Curaçao last Wednesday. Tromp has been president of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) and its predecessor, the Bank of the Netherlands Antilles (BNA) for decades.

Elias is considered the richest man in Curaçao and has grown in offering trust activities. Both have regularly come into disrepute. Tromp is a customer of Elias’ trust business.

The searches were on Wednesday morning till late in the afternoon.

Fraud and money laundering

The reason for the raids, according to a spokesman for the Public Prosecution (OM) is a criminal investigation that was started against Tromp since early this year. According to the OM, Tromp is suspected of tax fraud and money laundering.

The raids were carried out by the so-called Anti-Corruption Team, which is a unit of police and justice that specializes in tackling corruption in the upper world. The investigation is led by the Dutch public prosecutor Saskia de Vries.

‘Viceroy of Curaçao’

Tromp is considered the most powerful man in Curaçao. His nickname is ‘The Viceroy of Curaçao’. He became a person of interest for the Public Prosecution. In March 2012 the prosecutor, in a criminal proceeding in the Netherlands against the billionaire John Deuss, emphatically focused on the remarkable leniency Emsley Tromp showed for the controversial First Curaçao International Bank (FCIB) owned by Deuss. It appeared that Tromp met with Deuss after working hours and outside the office. Deuss was later convicted.

Rumors have been spread in the Antilles for years about how Tromp would benefit himself and his family members. Corruption investigations in the Central Bank have always reached a dead end.

Several months ago the Financial Journal (Dutch newspaper) revealed that the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has major concerns about the state of affairs in the Dutch Caribbean islands. According to a DNB report, the largest insurer in the Dutch Caribbean, Ennia, was secretly undermined by its majority shareholder Ansary, under the eyes of the Central Bank. The story goes that Tromp in return would have received perquisites from Ansary. Tromp apparently bought apartments in Miami with flexible financing from companies affiliated with institutions that are under his supervision.

Conflict with banker

Tromp stated earlier that all allegations against him, including the DNB criticism, are coming from Eric Garcia. That is a banker who Tromp dismissed when Giro Bank came under his supervision. Garcia was recently arrested on charges of bankruptcy fraud.

Insiders report that Garcia has made some serious declarations against Tromp during his interrogations. Garcia claims that Tromp’s residential address, the house at Blauwdruifweg, where justice held the raid, was remodeled at the expense of the Central Bank. The spokesman of the Public Prosecutor in Curaçao says that the criminal investigations against Tromp and Garcia are separate issues.

Source: Financial Journal


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