Published On: Thu, Nov 8th, 2012

Pump is cause of oil spill

WILLEMSTAD - A faltering pump may have caused the oil leak at Bullenbaai. This can be deduced from a press release of the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature.

According to the press release, it seems as though water had mixed with oil. It also states that for some unknown reason the sprinkler system was activated at jetty 6. This installation is right above all the pipes which are connected to each other. Because the sprinkler was activated, water went into a container which is intended for oil. This container is right underneath the pipe system.

Normally a pump ensures that when the container is filled to some extent, the content is drained to a system for the storage of oil residues. But it this did not happen like it have supposed to. During a press conference yesterday afternoon Tico Ras, an official of the Ministry, declared that the incident took place on Tuesday.

The container filled with water and mixed with oil, and over flowed down to the sea. Incidentally, the press release does not mention the size or the capacity of the container. The exact amount of leaked oil is also not yet known.

As a precaution, the entrance to Jan Kok was closed. This is done in order to prevent an oil disaster just as it happen last August.

Spokesman Roderick Governor of the Coast Guard confirmed that yesterday morning around 10 o’clock oil was discovered at Bullenbaai. Sources indicated that it is suspected that the oil came from a ship. The Coast Guard searched through radar for the origin of the oil. Oil spill coordinator Russell Henriquez did not announce the leak. “We are in the process of a research, the media has been calling but as long as the investigation is in progress we have nothing to say.”

Image: Bea Moedt

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