Published On: Fri, May 17th, 2013

Raffles and games of UTS and / or Telecuracao are not regulated as lottery determined by the Lottery Regulation

UTSWILLEMSTAD – UTS has taken note of the 31 questions which the late Mr. Wiels has made ​​on lotteries by SMS. UTS refers to the two other press releases for their opinion on this matter.

It is indicated that UTS is not involved in the lottery service providers through SMS. UTS provides telecommunications services, not regulated lottery services.

In light of the questions posed by the late member for Parliament, Mr. Wiels, ​​UTS believes that it is good to clarify that UTS or its subsidiaries does not offer regulated lotteries to end users as stated in Article 1 and further in the  "Lottery Regulation 1909".

UTS or some of its subsidiaries hold raffles sometimes, but that is not usually a cash prize raffles. The raffles are intended as customer loyalty: the customer gets the chance to participate in the raffle if they purchase certain products or services.

In those situations where an amount is asked per SMS, as in the Telecuracao organized games on the pricing of a car, there is not a regulated lottery as defined in art. 1 and further of the Lottery Regulation 1909. These are games where the participant can influence the calculation of probability, that he has to perform an intellectual exercise in order to determine the right price of the car.

UTS and its subsidiaries do not have a license as referred to in the "Lottery Regulation 1909" and believe they don’t need to have one, because these games are not regulated lottery as stated in Article 1 and further of the "Lottery Regulation 1909".

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