Published On: Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

Ramiz: “InselAir aircraft graveyard”

image2 WILLEMSTAD - The fleet of the Curaçao airline InselAir is composed of 17 aircraft. Currently, they only operate 4 of them. 12 of those aircraft are either damaged or going through heavy checks that instead of taking 45 days are taking months due to the lack of money. These aircraft are simply thrown in a corner of the airport that is known as the ‘graveyard’. This graveyard serves as warehouse were parts, components, engines, and fuselage parts are removed trying to keep the four operating aircraft flying. This is according to the aviation expert Nelson Ramiz in a recent interview with Curaçao Chronicle.

The Curacao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) should be a concern when InselAir grounds an aircraft and maintainimage1-2 the aircraft in their Operation Specification without the proper maintenance. An aircraft must be either in the flight line, in the hanger doing heavy maintenance without delays and interruptions or in long and short storage. This last one is when the aircraft is preserved following an approved storage manual base. “In my experience looking at the attached pictures, the majority of these aircraft are thrown there without the proper storage procedures collecting corrosion in a very adverse location. We must remember the proximity to the ocean,” said the aviation expert.

image3“The CCAA and the Government are failing their oversight obligations and this may affect the safety of InselAir’s operations today and in the future when and if some of these ‘improperly stored aircraft’ are put back in operation. This is my opinion,” said Ramiz.

Ramiz also indicated that the CCAA and the Government must understand that their primary responsibility is to safety and an airline that has 70% of its fleets grounded is a danger and their certificate to operate must be revoked.

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