Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2017

Reaction of independent midwives to incorrect statements

PicCollageWILLEMSTAD - In an official press release, several independent midwives reacted to incorrect statements that was published in the press. It must be noted that Curaçao Chronicle did not report on these incorrect statements but after an investigation on our own, we thought it was important to publish the reaction of the independent midwives.

“Given various incorrect statements in the press by interested third parties concerning our situation, we want to clarify and explain a few things.

The quality in midwifery care stands for respect for the woman who can express her choice and decide where and how she wants to give birth. This right to privacy is laid down in the Convention of Fundamental Human Rights (ECHR, Article 8) by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). While in the Health Care Act 1997, the right to self-determination, including the right to refuse interventions, has been laid down.

A government that sanctions a midwife in its activities which fall under its qualifications and competences ignores the law on its 'legally protected profession'. The Government that conducts a policy to control and limit the activities of midwives ignores the law, the fundamental rights of the woman, her baby and family (ECHR, art. 8).

Position Advent

In other words, the Advent hospital leaves the maternity care to the midwives with complete confidence without interventions. The midwife's autonomy is not affected. The areas where the deliveries and maternity care must take place are of high hygienic quality, very modern and the assisting staff is empathetic, very communicative and has a cooperative attitude. There is mutual trust and a desire to work together on quality of care. Like the independent midwives, the Advent hospital has a priority namely the well-being of mother, child and her environment. The Advent hospital offered a cooperation agreement and was agreed by both parties, aiming for a close collaboration instead of a submissive regime with a fear sphere. In contrast, the independent midwives were forced by the FDL maternity clinic to sign a unilateral admission contract.

The monopoly policy of the government is aimed at the transition to the new hospital where other places of childbirth are seen as competition and not permissible.

This policy violates various laws such as:

- the right of a woman to choose their own midwife and the right to choose where to give birth

- the midwife's right to practice her profession wherever she wants

This should both be facilitated. The profession of midwives must be protected. There is also a competition law that needs to be taken into account. The repeated appeal from the FDL to the pregnant women of the independent midwives to register with the FDL shows a lack of ethics and unprofessionalism.

These cases were raised with the NZa (Dutch Healthcare Authority), the VWS (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport) and the Curaçao Court. The Netherlands is also involved because it pays a large part of the Curaçao health system.

The designation of the inspection to Advent, based on a non-law-tested, illegal policy, at the cost of the health of the pregnant mom and her unborn child, is in our optics, inadmissible.

On behalf of the independent midwives:

Agnes Cobelens
Nairy Hart-Dossett
Peggy Jordan
Karin Stomp

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