Published On: Mon, Jul 14th, 2014

Rector Magnificus: “We announced the increase in tuition fees since last year”

blackboard_2002WILLEMSTAD – “Since last year everyone was aware that there we will raise the tuition fees this year,” this is according to the Rector Magnificus of the University of Curaçao (UoC), Mr. Francis de Lanoy. The Rector confirmed that it was announced, but indicated that the amount was not known yet.

“I told the students that the tuition fee will be increased, even when they had to register for their new semester, they were told. Thus, everyone knew about the increase,” De Lanoy said.

The Rector indicated that the university has its budget and they must work with what they have. If they don’t have money, there areDr. Francis de Lanoy two options. Either the government must raise its subsidy or the tuition fee must be increased. In this case, the university has chosen for the latter. De Lanoy stressed that even with this increase, the university is still cheaper compared to those in the Netherlands and the United States.

On July 11 of this year, the Minister of Education announced the increase in tuition fees for the school year 2014-2015 to the management of the university. The increase is about 1000 to 2000 guilders depending on the major.

In the month of May, during a meeting in Parliament, the Minister in charge of education, Irene Dick announced that the tuition fee will go up but she did not indicate with how much. On that same day, the Minister said that what the university is charging is very low compared to what other universities in the region are charging. The reason for the increase is the high cost of operations of the UoC. The UoC wants to guarantee that the students will stay on the islands and finish their degree and contribute to the community.

When the Minister announced the increase, she already had an approval from the Council of Ministers dating from March 26, 2014.

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