Published On: Mon, Dec 24th, 2012

Relocate firework magazine per January 1st

WILLEMSTAD – The business owners of the industrial zone on Seru Lorweg want the firework warehouse removed from that area per January 1st. They suggest a firework warehouse at St. Joris or at the Mining Company.

The Safety Committee Seru Lora stated this yesterday during a press conference. The business owners set up this committee to guarantee the safety of the area that is officially an industrial zone with surrounding residential areas since 20 years. The firework magazine was located at Seru Lora from times immemorial and used in the past by Dutch soldiers to store explosives. It was subsequently used to store firework. The magazine exploded recently, causing three casualties.

Containers with new firework are also stalled on the premises every year. Twenty-two containers with consumer firework are now on the premises and two containers are still in the harbor. “We’d rather not have the containers here but our aim is to store the firework elsewhere as soon as possible. There are approximately 50 sales outlets on Curaçao and the distributors collect the firework daily”, said spokesperson Cedric Sprock, one of the business owners. “The problem is that two to three containers always remain on the premises after the turn of the year. According to the law, this firework is to be stored in a powder magazine. Firework shouldn’t be stored in an industrial zone with a surrounding residential area.”

According to the committee, a powder warehouse should be located in a remote area, far from residential areas, hence the discussion to build a new firework warehouse near St. Jorisbaai. The six firework importers on Curaçao wish to contribute in the costs. Another option is to store the firework at the Mining Company at the Tafelberg where dynamite is stored. “However, this requires the approval of the Mining Company”, said Sprock.

“We wrote many letters on the firework issue in the past”, said chairman Angelo Leanez and are now deliberating with the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning, DROV, DOW and Domain Board. We are not out to blame someone but the safety of the area comes first. We want the firework stored elsewhere, with the help of the government. If this is not possible, the committee will institute summary proceedings as a last resource.

The victims were commemorated at the end of the press conference. Bishop Luis Secco was requested to say a few words and lead those present in prayer. Two forensic experts from the Netherlands were recruited to investigate the cause of the explosion.

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