Published On: Thu, Feb 25th, 2016

Residents Banda’bou worried about stray panther

11366908761505WILLEMSTAD - Residents of Banda'bou are increasingly concerned about a mysterious dark-colored animal in their environment. Police have received several reports.

According to investigating officer Stanley Ignacio it is probably a panther, puma or jaguar.

This animal is roaming freely between Watamula and Sta Cruz, which are on the western side of the island. But there were also traces found at Porto Marie. No one has been able to take a picture of the animal.

Ignacio will now fly in a helicopter from Blue Skies over the area. He takes into account two felines, a black and a dark brown one.

One advantage for frightened people: the animal is even more afraid and always makes its escape when it is seen.

We did not want to report on this before since we were waiting on the official report from the police. Now that the police indicated that they have indeed received several reports and that animal expert Ignacio has indicated that there is a mysterious dark-colored animal in the area, it is good to report about it.

Probably there are people who bring these animals on the island and after they are not able to take care of them anymore, they release them in the wild.

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