Published On: Sun, Sep 30th, 2012

Schotte not willing to give in

WILLEMSTAD – It seems as though former Prime Minister of Curacao Gerrit Schotte is not willing to give in. We’ve just been informed that Schotte and former Minister of Justice Mr. Elmer Wilsoe have contacted the Attorney General and the Head of the Police to notify them that they are still the established authority on the island.

According to our reports, Mr. Schotte and Mr. Wilsoe are still in the offices of the Prime Minister at Fort Amsterdam and are not planning on leaving the premises until October 19. Interim Prime Minister Stanley Betrian is not bothered by this situation and said that the former ministers can stay in the building for as long as they want. He will not make a martyr of Schotte and his followers. According to Mr. Betrian he’s already full at work and has contacted all the international authorities to inform them of the new government in Curacao.

The Netherlands has also recognized the new interim government. According to Liesbeth Spies, Minister of Kingdom Relations, the appointment of the new interim government has gone according to democratic rules.

Opinions are divided. There is a major political division on the island. There is no clear majority for either side of parliament. According to some reporters you might even say that the island is divided now fifty- fifty.

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