Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2012

Screening new Ministers will continue

WILLEMSTAD – On Thursday September 27, the process will start to screen the new ministers in the interim government. Formateur Dito Mendes de Gouveia delivered his report to his Excellency the Governor Mr. Frits Goedgedrag. According to reports, the list of requests was completed and the formateur has the majority in Parliament to support the new government. He also has the candidates who support the requests given by the Governor and who could form a Government.

Now comes the most essential part which is the screening of these candidates. The Governor is now out of country for a medical checkup. As it is already known, the Governor started this complex process after carefully studying the case, and this means that even though he’s not on Curacao, the process will continue.

This is not a usual process because there is a lot of resistance from the demissionary government and the minority in parliament. And these groups either will not resign or are demanding thorough screening of each candidate. According to the formateur these candidates will be screened, because he will not put anyone on his list that did not pass the screening. This is what he can guarantee to the Curacao people.

It has come to our understanding that Prime Minister Schotte will travel to the Netherlands to find solutions to the impasse between the two groups in parliament but also between his Government and the Governor.

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