Published On: Tue, Dec 11th, 2018

Security partners Curaçao on board Zr. Ms. Zealand

WILLEMSTAD - On Monday, several partners from the security sector met on board of the naval vessel Zr.Ms. Zeeland for a theme day. This theme day was devoted to the (simplified) military assistance requests and the strengthening of cooperation with the local authorities on Curaçao.

One of the three main tasks of Defense in the Caribbean is to support local and civil authorities.

At the initiative of Brigadier General of the Marines Peter Jan de Vin, the group discussed how and in which situations military assistance could be of added value. In addition, the procedure for applying for certain assistance on Curaçao has been simplified. This ensures that you can act more quickly. The simplified assistance procedure applies to the use of military search, military tracking, diving operations and static observations by viewers and drones.

“It was an excellent day that contributed to the close connection of the sector partners, under whose leadership we are acting at all times,” says De Vin. In addition to substantive topics, the guests experienced how life is aboard a naval vessel and they were offered the traditional 'blue bite' (Indonesian cuisine). A similar meeting will also be organized in the spring for the local authorities in Aruba, for whom the procedure for military assistance requests has also been simplified.

Security sector Curacao

Photo: partners from the security sector Curaçao, including (representatives of) government, KPC, OM, Justice, RST, Coast Guard, Marechaussee, Cabinet of the Governor, Customs and representation of the Netherlands on board the Zr.Ms. Zealand.

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