Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

Selikor tackles illegal dumping

selikorWILLEMSTAD - In a press release, the waste management company Selikor announced that today they will start with the cleaning work at two locations on the north coast of the island. At these two locations, people have been dumping waste illegally. These are the “Shut” area near the airport and along the coast at Ronde Klip.

The Selikor indicates in their press release that again and again, they find that these places are polluted in record time. "Because these are remote areas that are also attractive to tourists, the illegal landfill is not only endangering the health of the population, but they also lose their ecological and tourist value. The image of Curaçao as a tourist destination is damaged.”

By clearing away all dirt and debris, Selikor hopes to 'eliminate' the two illegal dump areas. The question is whether this is successful because the garbage disposal service itself states that it annually cleans the various areas where irresponsible citizens dump waste.

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