Published On: Fri, Jan 22nd, 2016

Shortage of medicines on the island

medicine_10-4-09WILLEMSTAD – Pharmacies, or like the locals like to call them, Botikas, on the island have a daily shortage of medicines. This information is based on data shared by among others Botika Brievengat.

How serious the problem is or how big the shortage is, is not yet clear. This is because there is no umbrella organization that keeps a database or has this information.

The shortage, of course, can have negative consequences for patients who have to wait up to two weeks because, for example pills must come from the Netherlands.

In Curaçao there is only one supplier, which in turn depends on its suppliers for the necessary medicines.

In the Netherlands, the trade association of pharmacists KNMP sounded the alarm this week because of rapidly increasing drug shortages. Last year there were 625 drugs in the Netherlands that were not available in pharmacies for an average of six to nine months.

The problem in Curaçao is also more complicated than in the Netherlands. The shortage in the Netherlands is due to production problems and pharmacists can still go to other suppliers. In Curaçao, there is only one supplier.

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