Published On: Tue, Oct 2nd, 2012

Since July there was no confidence within MFK

WILLEMSTAD – MFK, party of former Prime Minister Schotte, was dominated since July by unrest. This is evident from an e-mail exchange between MFK parliamentarian Rudney Garmes and his former party colleague Dean Rozier.

Rozier, who was appointed on September 10, by a majority in parliament, as the new President of parliament, was accused of  bribery by former MFK comrades,  Gilmar 'Pik' Pisas, Monique Koeyers-Felida and Rudney Garmes. According to the three members of parliament, the President, then still leader of the MFK parliament fraction, approached them with the request to give up their support for the government Schotte and to sustain the formation of an interim government. According to the three MFK members of parliament, Rozier offered them a sum of 500,000 guilders each.

“All lies”, responds Rozier who today will take necessary steps to a file a lawsuit against Pisas, Koeyers-Felida and Garmes. “This is such vile deed. In their desperation, they have dropped lower than the ground and accuse me and the Governor. This cannot go unpunished”, according to the President of Parliament.

From the e-mail, originating from Garmes and dated July 22, 2012, shows that Garmes was not satisfied with the course of matters within the party and within the government. It also appears that the trio was not approached by Rozier, but that it was Garmes who sought contact with Rozier. He writes that he was unable to sleep and have thought about different things.

The member of parliament comes in his email with the proposal for the following day, July 23 at 16:00 to come together and discuss some points of concern. Garmes writes: I think we have to come with a number of demands for Gerrit. Some of these demands are: George (Jamaloodin) must be dismissed as minister as soon as possible, place someone who is impartial and who knows about finances and Aqualectra should be transferred to this person, Ozzy (Oswald) van der Dijs must go.

Jonis (CEO Aqualectra) may not be removed from Aqualectra, we must choose advisors for Jacinta and Hakim. They should be advised and always follow these advisors. The relationship with the Netherlands, Sint Maarten, Aruba and the Central Bank should be improved. "Garmes concludes his email with: “I will discuss my points tomorrow with you. This is the first step and there should be more to follow. We must also discuss your points." In a brief response to the mail, Rozier writes on July 23: 'Rudney, I think this is a good starting point. In anticipation of our meeting, I remain. "

Rozier, who in his own words said that after his departure from the MFK he had several friendly contacts with Garmes, Koeyers-Felida and Pisas, is appalled by the statements and allegations of the three, and will therefore start immediately with the process of filing a lawsuit. The infamous  correspondence between Garmes and Rozier was also forwarded by the latter to George Jamaloodin, Darick Jonis and Oswald van der Dijs.

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