Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2013

SITEK: ‘Leave school books to FMS’

Darius PlantijnWILLEMSTAD – The School supply Foundation (FMS), should take care of the school books once again in the future. “The FMS did it in the past and it went smoothly,” says Lio Plantijn, chairman of the teachers union SITEK. “When FMS was in charge of this task, it only took one or two days to deliver books to the schools.”

Plantijn has 100 percent confidence in FMS. The SITEK chairman also does not understand why Student Financing Foundation did not consult with FMS for the financial funds of different schools in advance. "They do it for decades without problems," said Plantijn.


The union chairman also wants clarity about free education. "Is it now totally free education, free or half free?" Plantijn wants to know. There still seems to be a fee somewhere, and Sitek want there is clarity on this issue. "The government is not consistent and so people do not know where they stand with free education," said Plantijn.

SITEK thinks that the idea of ​​free education is good, but the execution could be much better.

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