Published On: Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

Social medicine symposium opens in Curacao

social medicine symposium speaker2-1WILLEMSTAD - The Social Medicine Symposium 2015, sponsored by the Netherlands-Caribbean Foundation of Clinical Higher Education (NASKHO) opened in Willemstad, Curacao, on Friday, with opening remarks and welcome by NASKHO’s chairman of the board, Erich Van der Hoeven.

Dr Bernard D. Whiteman, a 1981 graduate of the Medical university of Colombia in Barranquilla, Colombia, former St Elizabeth Hospital (SEHOS) employee and presently the minister responsible for the portfolio of health, environment and nature in the Curacao government discussed the importance of collaboration within the healthcare environment, following which Professor Dr Groothoff discussed the various dilemmas that workers in occupational health encounter throughout their daily practice, and the risk in the quality of health care and occupational disease.

Groothoff in his presentation stressed, “We need to have and deliver a high level of health care administration and management, and that it is pertinent that we must have such a level.”

He added, “The low levels of health care is indeed an occupational disease, a company fuse is increasing, and furthermore it is legal to ensure justice for all in the prevention of such, especially regarding intervention.”

Dr Manaaf Ibrahim Badloe briefly discussed the failure mechanism and the ability to focus on social medicine in a different ways. He addressed, in particular, the journals that focused on the evaluation and prevention, and how he observed that they received little attention.

“However, fortunately there is this paradigm shift occurring and, that other employers need to get moving and taking preventive steps instead,” Badloe said.

In a discourse on future social risks in occupational health, he said, “We must integrate all parts to help keep people working and to stop letting them go again and again. But, we need these people, determined to keep people centered.”

He also spoke about the integration of all systems in occupational health and he stressed, “When we know that it is the integration and the voice of the insurance laws as the sectors care, specialists, etc…”

Lastly, before an open forum discussion and closing remarks, Badloe informed the attendees that, since 1970 up until 1999, there has been a plethora of collaborative and cooperative work in Aruba on certain provisional work in occupational health.

Dutchwas the official and common language spoken during the entire event, and though the attendance was small for the opening ceremony and the first of a three-day long symposium event, the attendees were very specific to the field of healthcare delivery, administration and management. The attendees also ranged from hospital employees and administrators, professors, a medical student, interns and residents from The University of Groningen (UMCG) in Holland and other members of NASKHO.

By Josefina Josepha 

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