Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

SONA: Construction new hospital continues, but without Berenschot

new hospitalWILLEMSTAD – Financial institution SONA has announced in a press release that the construction of the Hospital Nobo Otrabanda (New Hospital Otrabanda) will continue as planned. The organization has taken a number of measures whereby contractors and suppliers can get paid and containers with construction materials can be unloaded.

SONA will do its utmost to have the transition process of the old hospital Sehos to the new hospital (HNO) back on track and as quickly as possible. This is according to the financial institution in their press release.

Consultant Bureau Berenschot, which was in charge of the supervision, put their work down a few days ago, because SONA did not respond to the claim to pay 10 million guilders on August 31.

According to SONA the accountability of the taxpayers' money is at stake. Berenschot has still not produced the 2013 annual report on the HNO project, let alone the subsequent years. Because of the lack of accountability on the part of Berenschot, SONA has stopped the payment to the consultants some time ago. SONA has now agreed with the contractor that the invoices of subcontractors will go directly to SONA, which in turn will pay them.

Meanwhile, the institution and other involved parties are working on an alternative to the supervision of the implementation of the project.

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