Published On: Tue, Nov 19th, 2013

SSX Ventures launches Flagship Startup Investment Vehicle, LATAM Incubated One BV

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - SSX Ventures announced today the launch of its flagship LATAM Incubated One BV (the “Investment Vehicle” or the “Vehicle”), a publicly-traded investment vehicle organized to invest in Companies graduating from Latin America’s top incubators, including Wayra, NXTP Labs, 21212 and 500 Startups. The Vehicle will raise investment capital via an Initial Public offering on the Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) platform.

LATAM Incubated One BV will provide investors with a diversified portfolio of early-stage startups that have been incubated in one of the four most prestigious and experienced technology incubators in Latin America. The Vehicle seeks to invest in up to 10 companies, structured as either a convertible note or equity investment, mirroring an incubator’s investment structure in the target Company.

“Startups offer some of the most promising returns of any investment in the market today. While there is always considerable risk when investing in early-stage companies, we believe that by focusing on graduates from Latin America’s best incubators, the Vehicle can leverage the collective expertise of these professional investors to develop a portfolio of the most promising, young companies in the region,” said Ian Haet, Manager of SSX Ventures.

In addition to each incubator’s stringent selection process, the Investment Vehicle will also analyze the potential investments following the same six-step vetting process employed by the Startup Stock Exchange’s Listing Approval, resulting in a robust evaluation process rarely encountered when assessing early-stage startups.

“At NXTP Labs, we believe in the power of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing as a way to democratize access for startups and investors. Not only are they a great way of democratizing access to financing and investments for startups, but also a way to facilitate investors to find the best investment opportunities. We expect that SSX will become a powerful tool for the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region,” says Gonzalo Costa, co-founder and director of NXTP Labs.

Collectively, the Investment Vehicle’s four targeted incubators have 11 offices in seven cities throughout Latin America, including Mexico City, Bogota, Caracas, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires and São Paulo.

About SSX Ventures and the Startup Stock Exchange

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