Published On: Mon, Nov 2nd, 2015

Structural city care is a priority

IMG_2137WILLEMSTAD - Downtown Management Organization (DMO) standpoint is to prevent that deterioration of public places become a common sight in the future.

Starting today, there will be at least one cruise ship in the harbor almost every day. In November alone it is expected that 60,000 cruise tourists will walk the streets and alleys of downtown Punda. Unfortunately, these are currently dust and uncared for.

The reason for this is all the construction works that took place during the recent months. This is very positive, but the main reason is because there is no structural city care in place for the public places. DMO, property owners and retailers have therefore decided to start cleaning by using pressure washers.

Downtown maintenance is a public and private matter and DMO hopes very soon to achieve a structured approach to maintenance with the responsible government services.

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