Published On: Fri, Feb 1st, 2013

SXC and Avila Hotel sign agreement

WILLEMSTAD – Space Expedition Curaçao (SXC) and Avila Hotel signed a collaboration agreeing that the SXC-crew, the initiators of the project and the astronauts with their family will always stay in this hotel. SXC will recommend Avila Hotel for accommodation. Both Avila Hotel and SXC believe the commercial spaceflights will attract many wealthy tourists and promote Curaçao. The parties wish to anticipate this by joining forces.

“It was a logic step considering we stayed at this hotel from the beginning of the project. Besides many pleasant network moments, we had some exciting experiences like the after-effects of tropical storm Tomas. At the time we had planned a quiet dinner on the outdoor terrace where we were to meet the new premier Gerrit Schotte and others. During the evening a storm suddenly blew up and because there was no time to move everything inside we eventually made acquaintance with the then premier while standing in water up to our knees”, one of the initiators of the SXC-project, Ben Droste, said, laughing.

General Manager of Avila, Paul Kok, explained that as oldest operating hotel on Curaçao, Avila always promotes and supports numerous ‘innovative’ cultural, culinary and musical projects. “We expect that this pioneering initiative, in which we but also airline company KLM believes – considering its collaboration with SXC – will attract more tourists from the United States. The hotel has strived for this since years and if we can help each other it would be ideal of course”, said Kok, who also hopes to welcome tourists from Japan considering one of the astronauts comes from Japan.

SXC-initiator Michiel Mol emphasized that the hotel is held in high regard by the loyal repeat visits from the Royal Family. After signing the collaboration, the partnership was settled with a class of champagne and Droste enthusiastically referred to a successful network meeting the previous evening. Mol subsequently explained that true to tradition we close a busy day on the island with a drink on the beach at restaurant Blues, where we usually invite people whom we’ve met with during the day and who also take along friends or acquaintances. This pleasant atmosphere of course also leads to contacts with hotel guests. Yesterday we met a hotel guest who casually asked how the project was progressing and subsequently decided to buy two tickets (one ticket amounts to 100,000 dollars as from January 1st), one for his son and one for himself. Fantastic!”

Ten people from SXC – including the four members of the Board of Commissioners – had flown to Curaçao. SXC has meanwhile sold over 200 tickets. Maarten Elshove signed the collaboration on behalf of SXC and general manager Kok on behalf of Avila Hotel.

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