Published On: Wed, Sep 5th, 2012

Teachers will not be paid on September 14 as was promised

WILLEMSTAD - Teachers in secondary education will not be paid on September 14 as was promised by Prime Minister Gerrit Schott, according to Minister Carlos Trinidad of Governmental Affairs. According to the Minister, Premier Schotte knew that there is no money to pay these teachers on that date.

Nevertheless Schotte promised to make the salary adjustments on September 14. According to Minister Trinidad there was an extensive debate on August 22 on the demands of the teachers in the Council of Ministers.

On August 30, Premier Schotte attended the Teacher’s union meeting and promised the teachers that they will be paid according to their demands on September 14. The Premier even offered his apologies using the phrase “Mea Culpa” repeatedly. His speech was met with applause.

Minister of Education Carlos Monk, reacted furiously stating that the Prime Minister should mind his own business and not get involved with other Ministerial issues. Minister Monk even accused the Prime Minister of using this issue for political campaign purposes.

Source: Korant Veridiko II

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