Published On: Thu, Nov 13th, 2014

The OM, KPC and ENNIA open Prevention Shop

c113d8d95e3601a2d5dbedc19edf3300_LWILLEMSTAD - During Prevent Now Seminar organized by the insurance company ENNIA, the Public Prosecution of Curacao (OM), the Corps Police Curaçao (KPC) and ENNIA signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to establish a so called Prevention Shop (TdP).

The TdP is a store that focuses on the prevention of social insecurity. The people of Curaçao and visitors can go here in the future to get advice on prevention methods appropriate to specific security issues. As a first action of TdP, the OM, ENNIA and KPC will start with the pilot project "Mi ta brasa siguridat". This pilot project focuses on the protection against assaults in neighborhoods, burglaries and car thefts. ENNIA intends to start an online prevention shop. The start of this online prevention shop is planned for the first quarter of 2015.

Heiko de Jong, Chief Public Prosecutor: “The Public Prosecution, ENNIA and Curacao Police Corps (KPC) are the initiators of the TdP, but not exclusive participants. The TdP is an open formula of and for Curaçao. The three organizations encourage other participants who contribute to the safety in Curaçao to join the prevention shop. A public-private partnership, while preserving everyone's responsibility.”

Gilbert Martina, Senior Managing Director ENNIA: “The Toko di Prevenshon is a prevention shop with a plus. The core of the TdP is made up of concrete products that will help to prevent disasters and services. Secondly, the TdP helps citizens to better prepare themselves for emergencies. Together we are stronger. Prevention and a safer Curaçao is a task for all of us to increase the level of welfare of our Dushi Korsou.”

ENNIA organizes the seminar Prevent Now for the second time. Prevent Now 2014 is dedicated to the prevention of social insecurity. Gilbert Martina: “Last year the seminar was a success with 500 participants. This year, more than 650 applications show that safety is high on the agenda. ENNIA is concerned with the welfare of the community. Prevention provides, in addition to assuring, a contribution to the welfare of all.”

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