Published On: Mon, Jul 11th, 2016

They are at it again…

Marie PampoenDrielstraat, Mariepampoen Curaçao, is one of the many streets that ends at the south coastline of our island. You could walk to the end of the street and either go for a swim, fish, relax or see the beautiful sunset every day.

Some years back Atlantis Dive decided to build a parking lot on this street taking more than half of the street (the blue wall behind the parked cars). This left only an alley that gave access to the waterfront. Last year Hotel Baoase decided to expand by building some more bungalows and promised us (we who've been living on Drielstraat and Winterswijk long before Baoase or Atlantis was there) that they were not going to close off the street. Baoase went against their word and placed a big wooden door restricting access for everyone to the coastline (the wooden door you see in the picture in the back).

Now they are at it again constructing what looks like a railing for a remote controlled door. This one starting from the wall that was placed by Atlantis dive closing off the street even more!

My questions are: Why do our local authorities allow these things to happen?? Since when is it Ok for people or companies to just take a public street and decide to make it their own?? Who gives these people permission to do these things??
I don't think ANYONE in their right mind would like someone to come and do this on their street, so why do it here??

Feeling annoyed is an understatement!!!
Annoyed, Desperate, Sad...and just Pissed Off!!!

By Garrick Marchena

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