Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Trade unions Curaçao call for great manifestation

Unions1WILLEMSTAD - In Curaçao, a coalition of trade unions called on Tuesday evening all employees on the island to a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday morning right in the middle of downtown Punda. With this, the unions want to put pressure on the government to agree with their three demands.

The trade unions want an increase in the minimum wage in the short term and that a planned increase of 13.5 percent on the compulsory car insurance will be reversed. There is also a demand for the dismissal procedure for 280 employees at telecommunications company UTS.

The Rhuggenaath government has invited the trade unions for further consultations. But the unions no longer want to talk until all three points have been met.

Fifteen unions are involved in the strike. It is striking that the large trade unions for civil servants and teachers are not participating in the manifestation.

More than two years ago, after a general strike, as a result of a labor dispute, many neighborhoods were without electricity and many shops and schools were closed. That strike came to an end when employers and the Chamber of Commerce guaranteed an amount of approximately 1.8 million guilders for the contract workers of the refinery.

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