Published On: Fri, Jul 20th, 2018

U.S. Ambassador visits CARMABI research station

IMGAmbassadeurVS2WILLEMSTAD - The Ambassador of the United States in The Netherlands, Peter Hoekstra, visited the Carmabi Research Station this week. The visit was planned because of the growing collaboration between Curacao and the United States (US) with regards to the coral reef research and the improvement of the protection of the coral reefs and other marine ecosystems on the island.

In recent years, various organizations from the US have become involved with Marine Biology Research that is being conducted on Curacao. For example the collaboration between the Smithsonian Institute and the Curacao Substation to study the taxonomy of deep reef organisms and the collaboration between the Waitt Institute and the government of Curacao to find a durable way of managing the underwater nature of Curacao. Given these developments, the Ambassador wanted to be informed about the research that is being conducted in the Carmabi Research Station and to what extent there are collaborations with organizations and universities in the US.

The Ambassador received a tour through the Marine Education Center and the laboratory of the research institute. Director of Carmabi, Paul Stokkermans, and Science Director Mark Vermeij also gave a presentation. The minister of Health, Environment and Nature mw. mr. Suzy Camelia-Römer and the Consul-General US on Curaçao, Margaret Hawthorne were also present during the visit.

The presentation included information about the large and rising number of American researches that visit Curacao yearly to conduct research in collaboration with Carmabi.  From the approximately 250 researches that come to Carmabi yearly, almost half comes from the US. Projects that are being done on Curacao together with US organizations are for example the breeding of Coral Larvae’s (together with Secore International) and the 3-D monitoring of coral growth on 12 locations around our island (together with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography). Besides research, approximately 6 courses and 4 workshops are being provided for groups coming from the US.

Also discussed during the visit was how the collaboration on the above-mentioned subjects can be extended and how Curacao can be put on the map when it comes to scientific marine research through the Carmabi Research Station and the collaboration with other scientific institutes from the US.

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