Published On: Mon, Sep 28th, 2015

Union voices concern about Rif Resort Inc.

MarriottWILLEMSTAD - The union Horecaf expressed its concerns in a written statement on the sale of the Rif Resort.

The union does not believe it wise to sell the hotel, which is currently being operated by Marriott, to a group that already owns four hotels on the island. The group that will possibly acquire the Rif Resort has tried in the past to renovate three of its own hotels. But they did not succeed in competing with internationally accepted standards, according to Horecaf.

Even if this group will leave the operations of the hotel in the hands of another company, there is still the risk of poor management. As can be seen with the other hotel. Horecaf warns the committee responsible for the sale of the hotel not to rush into an adventure just to get rid of the property. The committee has to make sure that the property will be sold to a group that can invest in the quality of the rooms and the improvement of the service and the facility.

The union also questions the phased construction and restoration. The guests and staff can have problems with dust and noise. The question is whether the staff can be certain of their jobs after the renovation. In this respect, the union advises the hotel to purchase an insurance policy, which guarantees the salaries of the employees while the hotel is being renovated.

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