Published On: Mon, Nov 19th, 2018

UoC continues to spread its wings in the Caribbean

UoC_PUCMMWILLEMSTAD, SANTO DOMINGO - Last week, the UoC signed a cooperation agreement with La Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) of the Dominican Republic.

Recently, the Rector Magnificus and the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) traveled to the Dominican Republic to celebrate the 50th anniversary of UNICA. UNICA is the association of universities, research centers and colleges in the Caribbean that was established in 1968 to facilitate partnerships and mutual respect through higher education in the Caribbean.

While he was there in the Dominican Republic, the Rector Magnificus signed a cooperation agreement with the PUCMM and by doing so the UoC continues to spread its wings in the Caribbean through more cooperation in the region. With the PUCMM, the UoC will mainly work on inclusion through its Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (FMG) and also on social mobilization and reduction of poverty in the Caribbean context. Through its Faculty of Technology (FdTW), the UoC will work on a modern agricultural program and also smart cities.

This cooperation means that both teachers and students will be exchanged and joint research projects can then take place.

The UoC believes that it is joining forces with universities in our own region that have undergone the same development. They also maintain knowledge and professionalization in the Caribbean region in order to achieve social and help the sustainable development in the Caribbean, unlike others that focus exclusively on European and American universities.

With reference to the trend in Curaçao to close more and more agreements with various international universities, the UoC finds this development worrying, because the Caribbean universities are working on strengthening and cooperation to keep students in their own country for further study. The question that comes to the UoC is what you want to achieve with this. The Caribbean and Curaçao are no exception. For years we have been sending our children to another country to study and thus we contribute to the economy of another country with the risk that our children lose their culture and adapt to a different one. When the student returns, he comes with ideas that are not always applicable in his community or his capacity to understand the local situation is limited. The UoC therefore continues to promote education in one’s own country. It will continue to promote its regionalization and internationalization program based on equal capacity with all other partners. So through academic collaborations based on our own reality.

Taking into account the role of the Rector Magnificus of the UoC, who is vice-president of UNICA, he recently put forward this statement both in his dissertation in the Dominican Republic and in Barranquilla, Colombia, and this was unanimously adopted by the Rectors of the other countries.

Photo: Signing of the agreement with PUCMM. From left to right Rector of PUCMM dr. Ramón Alfredo de la Cruz Baldera, Vice Chancellor of UWI & President of Universities Caribbean prof. Sir Hillary Becles and Rector Magnificus of UoC Dr Francis de Lanoy.

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