Published On: Thu, Jun 16th, 2016

Venezuela refutes blame on Curaçao and Aruba for food shortage

jose_gregorio_vielma_moraCARACAS - In two press statements issued by the Venezuelan embassy in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the embassy refuted a report that a Venezuela state governor had blamed Aruba and Curaçao for food shortages

On Tuesday, in an article published by Curacao Chronicle, Jose Gregorio Vielma Mora, a former general who is now the governor of the Venezuelan state of Tachira, had accused Curacao and Aruba of contributing to the shortage of food in Venezuela by importing tons of illegal exports of food and other products the neighboring country.

According to the embassy, Vielma Mora stated in a television interview that these exports, far from being illegal, resulted from a new economic agenda implemented by the national executive, with the aim of promoting a new productive economic model.

Vielma Mora said that different foods and products have been exported to other countries, not only Aruba and Curaçao. He said textiles, footwear, plastic and furniture have been sold to the United States, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia and some Caribbean islands. In addition, he said that 40 tons of food such as potatoes, carrots, vegetables and fruits were exported through the port of La Vela in Falcon state and Maracaibo in Zulia state.

He also said there was a meeting with the consul general of Venezuela in Aruba in order to ship perishable products such as cheese and coffee to the Caribbean island, with the support of the government of the Netherlands.

Photo: Jose Gregorio Vielma Mora


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