Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

Venezuela’s debt puts InselAir in a difficult situation

heerenveenWILLEMSTAD – For some time now the local aviation company InselAir has been bombarded with complaints due to all the delays and cancellations the company has been confronted with. These complaints have reached the Curaçao Consumers Foundation that urged the airline to be more transparent in its method of giving information. The foundation also requested the airline to evaluate and structure its flight schedule in a way that it complies with international aviation norms.

The foundation also believes that there should be fixed norms of compensation for each passenger when the airline cannot comply with what has been promised or has been paid for. This is based on international norms stipulated in the Montreal Treaty.

Director of International Affairs and spokesman of the airline Edward Heerenveen indicated that the airlines is honoring the Montreal Treaty by compensating the passengers with consumption vouchers. In case the delay is more than 8 hours, the passengers will get their ticket back.

“If there is a delay to Miami for more than 6 to 8 hours, the airline will take the passengers but will give them the flight back to Curaçao. This is even more than the Montreal Treaty,” said Heerenveen. According to the Director, this is something the passengers will not get in Europe.

InselAir has 65 flights per day. The delays are more concentrated on the Aruba and Bonaire routes and sometimes on the Miami routes. “Of course you will also get delays on the Trinidad and Suriname flights, but not too often,” said Heerenveen.

What is causing problems for the airline, according to Heerenveen, is Venezuela’s debt to the company. The South American company now owes about 100 million dollars to InselAir. Heerenveen indicated that if they can get at least three months’ pay from Venezuela that would help the company get back on track.

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