Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2018

VPCO: Schools can no longer pay their expenses

ALBERT-SCHWEIZER-SCHOOL-onderwijs-Persbureau-CuracaoWILLEMSTAD - Schools can no longer pay their expenses. The Association for Protestant Christian Education (VPCO) writes this in an urgent letter addressed to the government. There is no more investment in education which is also growing insufficiently with the changes in Curaçao and in the world.

Chairman of the board Maghalie van der Bunt - George will meet with the Prime Minister on Tuesday, in which the major concerns that exist regarding insufficient funding for education can be discussed, among other things, for the cleaning of the schools and the consequences for the quality of education. A delegation consisting of a member of the board and a few teachers will be attending each school. The VPCO also requested a meeting with the education committee of parliament.

In most cases, schools are forced to work with chalk and blackboard. There is no money for digital boards and computers for teachers. The classrooms are warm, there is serious overdue maintenance, the furniture for the teaching staff is shabby and methods are outdated. There is a great lack of materials and resources, according to the VPCO.

The problem of inadequate and unequal funding is not unknown to politicians, writes the VPCO. In a research report from the government accountant SOAB of 2011, it has already been observed that structurally too little money is being spent on maintenance of school buildings. It was also stated that the multi-year education budget does not meet the requirements of a sustainable financial balance. Reliable long-term plans and associated estimates are missing. There is therefore no money for ICT facilities, energy bills, cleaning and teaching materials.

According to VPCO, the research result of SOAB from 2011 is still current. 'Little has been done with the research report,' says the board, which states that politicians will find the report outdated and would rather invest in another study than in education itself.

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