Published On: Tue, Sep 17th, 2013

While Curacao still debates on this issue, Israel commits to ending water fluoridation by 2014

filling-a-glass-of-waterTEL AVIV, WILLEMSTAD – One of the main topics these days here in Curacao is the addition of fluoride in drinking water. Parliament has debated on this topic once but postponed the meeting until further notice. According to experts the members of Parliament are taking this issue too lightly.

Meanwhile the Israel's Ministry of Health has made a bold ruling against artificial water fluoridation, reversing more than 15 years of forced poisoning via public water supplies in the Middle Eastern country. A recent announcement by Israel's Supreme Court has declared that a 1974 law permitting -- and a later 1998 law requiring -- all public water supplies in Israel to be fluoridated are both outdated and invalid, and that all current fluoridation programs in the country will have to end by April 9, 2014, in order to comply with new public safety requirements.

The welcomed ruling came after a petition filed last year by two dedicated individuals, including a representative of Israel's Association for Dissemination of Health Education, brought to light numerous dangers associated with water fluoridation. These include lowered IQ, brittle bones and teeth and damage to the thyroid gland, serious side effects that are hardly justified by the flimsy and antiquated arguments claiming that ingested fluoride somehow helps prevent tooth decay.

The three Israeli Supreme Court justices who heard the case, along with Israeli Health Minister Yael German, took all this information to task and ultimately concluded that fluoride is, indeed, a public health threat and provides minimal, if any, health benefit to society. In his ruling, Justice D. Barak-Erez ordered the cessation of all water fluoridation programs throughout Israel by 2014, emphasizing the fact that water fluoridation is dangerous, and the science defending it is outdated and "no longer widely accepted."

"We have noted before us the State's obligation to stop the fluorination of drinking water within one year," reads an English-translated release of the ruling, which can be viewed at the following link:


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