Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2013

Whiteman: ‘The Netherlands should actively cooperate in combating environmental mess oil refinery’

Oil RefineryWILLEMSTAD – Ben Witeman, Minister of Health, Environment and Nature has spoken with the Clean Environment Foundation in Curaçao (Smoc) on the oil refinery and the role of the Netherlands in relation to the pollution. Inspector for Health Care, Jan Huurman, was also at the meeting.

According to Peter van Leeuwen of Smoc, it was a good conversation and the Minister gave more details about his statements made earlier in recent Zembla documentary, which was aired in the Netherlands as we previously reported. Whiteman said that the Netherlands should support the island in the fight against pollution. Van Leeuwen fully agrees with the Minister.

Van Leeuwen is annoyed about the attitude of the Netherlands in order not to interfere with the biggest environmental scandal in the Kingdom. Inspector Huurman also thinks that The Hague should play an active role in this situation. "The Netherlands has the obligation to contribute to the improvement of the environmental mess at the oil refinery. They enjoyed decades of profits , but now they have to dock to clean it up," said Huurman.

If there will be some change in the Dutch attitude will be clear tomorrow. The Dutch Parliament will debate on this oil refinery issue.

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