Published On: Tue, Oct 30th, 2012

Wiels suggests dual nationality

WILLEMSTAD – It looks as though the leader of the Pueblo Soberano, Helmin Wiels is advocating for a lighter independence. According to Wiels an independent Curaçao should offer the possibility of dual nationality. He also wants a free traffic of persons between Curaçao and the Netherlands, according to the same rules between the countries in the European Union.

This can be concluded from a letter which Wiels has sent to the member of the Dutch political party SP, Ronald van Raak, in which he invites the Dutch politician for a consultation to draw up a step-by-step plan to realize a “complete sovereign status for Curacao”.

Wiels doesn’t advocate a ‘frenetic clinging’ to the ties with the Netherlands nor a ‘sovereign status that involves a too extreme and abrupt severance of the legal, economic and social ties with the mother country’. According to him, history shows that this ‘can have a crippling effect on a successful existence’. He therefore argues for a middle course; a treaty of friendship between the Netherlands and Curaçao. In that, the PS also considers the preservation of the European Treaty regarding Human Rights and the supervision of the European Court for Human Rights. The party also suggests the exchange of members of the current magistrate, the preservation of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands as judge of the court of cassation for Curaçao, assistance with diplomatic representation and participation in organizations promoting international law.

Differences of opinion on observance of concluded agreements, which cannot be settled mutually, should be brought before an independent authority, according to the party leader. He suggests entrusting the ‘Permanent Court of Arbitration’ (domiciled in The Hague) with this.

PS believes a productive collaboration with SP is possible. “During this consultation, where congenial Chamber members from other political parties can also be present, I’d appreciate making the necessary agreements so that Curaçao could enter into a new relation with the Netherlands – through a process of integral development, within a period of no longer than five years – based on the principle of sovereign equality and through the international law instead of the current constitutional alliance”, Helmin Wiels wrote.

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