Published On: Fri, Dec 21st, 2012

Wilhelmina Park in its final stage

WILLEMSTAD – Even though the construction workers are on their mandatory break since December 15, there are still a few who continued working on the park till December 21. If it wasn’t for this mandatory break, the park would have been finished by December 31.

“It is a question of a few more details and then it will be finished,” according to one of the workers.

It is already visible that the park is completely tiled and that the palm trees are planted. The irrigation system is already installed giving water to the plants and trees.

Since the beginning of this month tourists were seen posing and taking pictures in front of the letters forming the word Curacao. Photographer and social media blogger Ramsay Soemanta wrote in his blog: “This will truly be an INSTAGRAM HIT.”

Image: Ramsay Soemanta

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