Published On: Fri, Jan 22nd, 2016

WSV Curaçao Windsurfing Series 2015 Award Ceremony

1 Slalom race in action @ Spanish Water Nov 15-2015WILLEMSTAD - Last weekend, on Sunday January 17th, the official Award Ceremony of the 2015 WSV Curacao Windsurfing Series took place at the ‘Surf village’ at Saint Joris Bay. This important competition organized by The Windsurfing Association of Curaçao, (WSV Curaçao), in close cooperation with Windsurfing Curaçao and Old School Windsurfers Saint Joris Bay, consisted of a series of accumulative races, held once or twice a month during 2015 at Saint Joris Bay and at the Spanish Water, for the disciplines of Slalom and Freestyle.

Throughout the year 2015, our local professional and amateur windsurfers participated enthusiastically up to 7 heats per slalom competition day for a maximum of 70 races throughout the year. For the discipline of freestyle, surfers showed their most spectacular and acrobatic moves and tricks. Both disciplines had the categories of men and women for the ages of 11-14 years old, 15-24 years old and 25+ years old.

The Award Ceremony day started with a slalom ‘clinic’ given by our local and very talented windsurfers Jean Patrick van der Wolde (age 20) and Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes (age 16). After that, for the enjoyment of the families and public present, three fun races took place were the participants of all ages could race together. And as culmination of last year’s season, the day was closed with a nice award ceremony, were the best 3 windsurfers of each category were awarded and received a nice trophy.

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 Slalom Category Boys 11-14 years old:

  1. Stefan de Bell
  2. Boris van Noort
  3. Luka Stomp

Slalom Category Men 15-24 years old:

  1. Jean Patrick van der Wolde
  2. Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes
  3. Delano Moreno

Slalom Category Men 25+ years old:

  1. Derek Sjak-Shie
  2. Eddy de Groot
  3. Marius van Noort

Slalom Category Girls 11-14 years old:

  1. Anne Coenen

Slalom Category Women 15-24 years old:

  1. Marjenka de Bell

Slalom Category Women 25+ years old:

  1. Carola de Groot

Freestyle Category Boys up to 14 years old:

  1. Stefan de Bell
  2. Faan Coenen
  3. Luka Stomp

Freestyle Category Men 15+ years old:

  1. Kareem Naipal
  2. Ryan Richie
  3. Wave Antonia

Freestyle Category Women (all ages):

  1. Anne Coenen
  2. Hilde Schnitzler
  3. Ingrid Bakker

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