Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2013

270 million reserved for investments and job creation

WILLEMSTAD – The Government of Curacao has reserved 270 million guilders on the 2013 budget to invest and create jobs, and give life back to the economy. This is according to the Minister of Economic Development Dr. Steven Martina.

Minister Martina explained that this Transitional Government is working according to the current situation. The country is in a delicate financial economic situation, which requires action. It is important to work on the economic development, because when you have economic development there will also be more economic activities which creates more jobs and more incomes which helps alleviate the burden that is on the community.

According to Minister Martina, his assignment in this Government is to stimulate the economy and he will do this based on a policy with three attention points. To stimulate any economy, it begins with “confidence”. “We must start to reestablish confidence by demonstrating a unity in thinking and a common direction where we want this country to go. The Government’s role is that of a unit with a unity in thinking and direction. Maybe there are different of opinion but that is internally. When it is time to go externally, we all have to have one face. This will reestablish confidence in investors to invest in Curacao.

The second step is to eradicate the red tape on different project so they can start. The Government will analyze what the stumbling blocks are for each of these projects so they can be removed and they can start. This will have a immediate effect on the economic development.

The third step is to make an inventory to know what Curacao’s economic potential is. We must analyze what the conditions are that we have to comply with, according to the Minister. According to this inventory we will stipulate a policy to give content to these conditions, so small and big business owners, local and international will choose Curacao as the place for their investments. But the Government will do its part and consequently has reserved 270 million for investments and therefore create jobs. Investments will be done for schools maintenance, infrastructure and a new hospital.

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