Published On: Fri, Jul 11th, 2014

Aqualectra cannot keep up with copper theft

CopperWILLEMSTAD - Aqualectra cannot guarantee fast reconnection in case of power failure caused by copper theft. The utility company cannot keep up with the financial damage caused by the large numbers of copper thefts. This is according to the company’s management in a recent declaration to the media.

In the past five weeks there were about 3540 feet of copper wire valued at 28,364.40 guilders stolen on the island, the company said. The total cost per year is about 400 thousand guilders if the additional labor costs and loss of income are also counted.

The utility company believes that there are some risk areas to be designated. There are more copper thefts in these areas than elsewhere. These areas are Rooi Santu, Zuid Abrahamz, Seru Loraweg, Scherpenheuvel, Weg Groot Sint Joris, Montana Abou, Popo Achter, Sabana Hundu, Sabana Baka, Seru Grandi and Cocorie.

Copper wires are also not safe in Bandabou. There is a risk of copper wires being stolen in San Juan, Lilienberg, Pannekoek, Kaya Porfido, Barber and Bou Barber.

Aqualectra appeals to the community to not buy copper of which the origin is unknown. The utility also hopes that people are willing to take action when they see something suspicious.  You can call 0800-0135 (free of charge) or to the police via 917.

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