Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2018

Attention for innovations at the Hato caves

3. Team Hato Grotten en Carmabi2WILLEMSTAD - Last week renovations were completed at the Curacao Hato Caves. These renovations and innovations were necessary to provide a safe and pleasant environment for the continuously growing cruise tourists and visitors to the caves. A new entrance with a parking lot for 16 taxi’s and cars has been created. This was to ensure the pedestrians and the cars have a separate access to the premises of the caves. Besides that, 450 meters of railing was placed inside the caves!

Under the direction of General Manager Monica Vrolijk, the project was guided and executed together with the team of the caves. The Carmabi Foundation, responsible for 2. Leuningen 2major maintenance of the caves and associated routes, has financed the project.

The entrance to the popular tourist attraction went through a huge transformation. There is a new parking lot for taxis and cars. The entrance is separated from the pedestrians who are dropped off by tour operators. This increases the safety of the visitors and 1. Leuningen in de hato grotten2reduces the waiting times for tour operators. Taxis can easily park their car in the completely renovated parking lot.

Much work has also been completed inside the caves. Handrails have been placed along the entire walkway in the caves so that people can safely admire the beautiful cave. In addition, extra lights have been placed on the low sections to prevent people from bumping their heads. In all work that has been done, the well-being of the animals - including the rare long-nosed bats - that inhabit the cave, have been extensively taken into account.

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