Published On: Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Berenschot threatens to stop construction new hospital

hospitalWILLEMSTAD – A serious financial problem between the parties involved in the construction of the new hospital in Otrabanda could lead to a halt in the project on September 1. According to credible sources, there are serious problems between consultants Berenschot and the financial institutions Usona and SONA.

The reason for this financial problem is that there are certain funds that are currently unaccounted for. Berenschot in an e-mail to those in charge of the project demands a payment of 7 million guilders by today. They also indicated that there are other agreements that the other parties need to comply with.

In the e-mail, Berenschot indicates that they have financial commitments with various subcontractors. The Government of Curaçao is aware of this situation and has called a meeting yesterday afternoon to find a solution.

The Minister of Public Health who is in charge of the hospital, Siegfried Victorina, during the meeting with the hospital employees, commented on these problems, but he also mentioned that the government is working on a solution.

The decision to stop the construction could have costly consequences. The construction could be 150 million more than what was originally budgeted, according to a party involved.

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