Published On: Thu, Jan 29th, 2015

Burning object seen near the Aruban coast could be crashed small airplane

ArubaWILLEMSTAD, ORANJESTAD – Reports coming from Curaçao’s neighboring island, Aruba indicates that various eyewitnesses have seen a large burning object flying on the south side of the island. After a while, this burning object crashed in the waters near the island.

Authorities immediately started investigating this incident to see if it could be an aircraft. The Venezuelan airport of Maiquetia reported that they have lost an aircraft on their radar. The aircraft was lost while flying near Aruba. The Curaçao control tower also indicated that they had lost the aircraft. Both Curaçao and Venezuelan control towers repeatedly requested information from the pilots of the aircraft, but this to no avail. According to the authorities, it could be an illegal aircraft.

The Coast Guard stationed in Curaçao was informed and they immediately dispatched their patrol aircraft. The Aruban marine authorities also dispatched their patrol vessels to the area where the aircraft crashed.

The video, provided by the Aruban news site, clearly shows the burning object.

It is still not known what type of aircraft it was and where it came from.

Photo credit: Mas Noticia




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