Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

CBCS: ‘Former Governor Goedgedrag never rewarded’

CBCS denies allegation in anonymous document Norbert George

Governor Frits GoedgedragWILLEMSTAD – Former Governor of Curacao, Frits Goedgedrag was never rewarded by the President of the Central Bank, Emsley Tromp, for deposing the Cabinet Schotte in 2012. Goedgedrag is currently a member of the Board, which oversees the project of the Central Bank of Sint Maarten.

Norbert George, former politician and now inactive civil servant, who still receives a government salary every month, was exposed as the author of the ‘anonymous’ document  The CBCS connection, which was distributed last weekend. This document states that all kinds of influential people have been rewarded for the forced departure of Gerrit Schotte and his government.

Norbert George writes in his document that former Governor Frits Goedgedrag was also rewarded with a contract and income at the Central Bank’s expense after his assistance in deposing Schotte.

Goedgedrag now lives in Aruba, where he is a member of the highest advisory body, the Advisory Council (RvA). But he is also a state councilor of the Extraordinary Council of State (RvSt) in the Netherlands.

Similar to the construction of the current accommodation of the Central Bank in Scharloo, there is also a Supervisory Board appointed to oversee the construction of the Central Bank in St. Maarten. This Board also consists of Jairo Bloem (attorney in St. Maarten), Goedgedrag and until recently, Herman George, Norbert George’s father, who had resigned in connection with the appointment of his wife Lucille George Wout as Governor of Curaçao at the end of 2013.

In accordance with Article 21, third paragraph of the new Bank Statutes which became effective on October 10, 2010, the CBCS office in St. Maarten must be developed into a fully-functioning Central Bank branch. In this framework and with a view to adequate housing of the branch, the CBCS building is currently being renovated and refurbished. This is why a Supervisory Board was appointed.

The Supervisory Board supervises the implementation of the construction in accordance with the relevant rules and procedures. The members of the Supervisory Board receive a compensation for their work.

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