Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

Coalition MP opposes decision port concession

Melvin CijntjeWILLEMSTAD - The final word on the port concession, according to the MP for the coalition party Pueblo Soberano (PS), Melvin Cijntje has not been spoken yet. The MP says that he does not agree with the decision of the Council of Minister this week to accept the concession for a period of twenty years.

Cijntje said that initially he does not have a problem with the duration of the concession. His problem with the concept that is now on the table with the stevedoring company Curaçao Port Services (CPS) is that the CPS will take care of the harbor cranes and the embankments that fall under the concession. The PS MP believes that this is not a good thing and definitely not in favor of the island.

Cijntje says that over twenty years when the CPS has to turn over these craned to the Curaçao Port Authority (CPA) then they would not be worth anything. “All we can do is take them to the scrap yard.”

“It has now been decided to place both the infrastructure and the cranes at CPS. But why didn’t they select a construction where everything falls into the hands of CPA and let them sign a lease agreement with CPS or for all I care the highest bidder?” According to Cijntje the latter structure is more advantageous for the people.

A final agreement has yet to be negotiated by CPS and CPA.

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