Published On: Fri, Apr 20th, 2018

Coast Guard busier since Venezuela’s reopening borders

Coast Guard1WILLEMSTAD - Since the borders between Venezuela and the ABC islands are open again, the Coast Guard has become a lot busier. This was reported by the spokesman for the Coast Guard Roderick Gouverneur.

Yesterday morning 20 undocumented Venezuelans were arrested at Fuik. The boat was detected by the radar operator and the coast guard took action. The 15 men and 5 women were already on land but were detained there.

“In January we really noticed that it was quieter on the water. These weeks it has been very busy again for us,” said Gouverneur. There is a cooperation with Venezuela, but not for the problem of undocumented Venezuelans trying to reach the island. Since the borders are open, the boats can just sail. It is then up to the Coast Guard Caribbean to detect them before they reach land.

Photo: Coast Guard (archive)


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