Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

Ctex is undergoing final facility certification

CTEXWILLEMSTAD – Curacao Technology Exchange (Ctex) will receive the facility certification from the only institute that issues this certification, the Uptime Institute.

According to the Director, Anthony de Lima, Ctex will be one of the thirteen data centers around the world that have both a certification for the design of the building and for the construction of the accommodations.

In both cases, it’s the so-called Tier 4 certification. The company has also a ISO9001: 2008 - certification.

In February, Ctex hopes to organize an official opening international with foreign guests, including members of the Dutch embassies, who have helped the company abroad. At this time, 30 to 40 percent of Ctex capacity is full.

“After the certification and official opening, we hope to welcome these customers into our home,” according to the director.

De Lima hopes that by the end of 2014 it will be completely occupied.

Mr. Anthony de Lima CEO CtexDe Lima explains that there are several customers who are waiting for the official opening and certification. “They want to come and take a look, but we are sure that they also want to join us.”

All contracted customers who using the 'cloud' services are currently housed in another data center on the island, but could be possible transferred this month or next month to the Ctex building.

Cloud services mean that the client pays a fee to a third party (trusted party), in this case Ctex, which takes care of all computer equipment, both hardware and software, and also maintains these.

The type of customers Ctex currently has come mainly from the oil and gas industry, financial services and telecommunications.

Customers also come from the region, namely Colombia, Panama, Trinidad, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

There are also some local companies that have established themselves at Ctex.

A benefit for local businesses include the so-called ' managed continuity' - services, which is on the second floor of the building, which has 170 offices. These companies can house their offices here in case of an emergency.

“There is a Global Telapresence present, a super modern teleconferencing system that is connected to 15,000 points in the world,” De Lima explains.

Busy with hardcore testing

The construction is already finished, but the company is, since October and November 2013, engaged in what De Lima calls the hardcore testing.

“The center must be able to guarantee to its customers that it can provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without interruption.”

Primarily to prevent power outages, there are two independent connections, not connected to a network via the utility company Aqualectra and arriving from separate points.

In addition, the building has its own power plant with two backups and a large fuel tank that guarantees 24 days running without having to refill its diesel supply.

Ctex guarantees, besides the continuous connection, a building that is also hurricane category 5 and category 3 earthquake - resistant.

With its location on Ser'i Mahuma, 60 meters above sea level, the building is furthermore resistant to a possible tsunami.

Everything is going as planned according to De Lima.

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