Published On: Wed, Nov 12th, 2014

Curaçao agrees, Aruba investigates if there is oil and gas in Curaçao’s territorial waters

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD – During the recent parliamentary meeting on the future of the oil refinery, Prime Minister of Curaçao refuted the allegations made by the leader of the opposition party MFK, Gerrit Schotte that the issue of oil and gas has completely failed.

Aruba has signed a contract with Rapsol for 150 million dollars to do the necessary exploration on the presence of oil and gas in their territorial waters. This year, the government received the request of the Aruban government to do a 3-D exploration on the presence of oil and gas in the territorial waters of Curaçao.

According to Asjes, the government gave the necessary permits because it’s about the neighboring island Aruba. “There is nothing about failure in Aruba, as Schotte pretended. They have been very transparent with us and we have mutual trust,” the Prime Minister said during the debate.

“There are many people (referring to Schotte and his party) who pretend to have contacts in the region and with neighboring countries. Well, Aruba is a good example of a neighboring country and those people don’t have the kind of contacts they pretend to have,” said the Prime Minister.

The same company doing the exploration in Aruba has also demonstrated an interest in doing the same in Curaçao. “The government’s position is very clear. We don’t negotiate with in secret with any company. Neither in public meetings like this one. This is why we have asked this company to provide us with their information and we will contact them when there is a public tender. This will be open and transparent. This company will also be included if they are interested,” said the Prime Minister during his presentation in parliament.

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